About The Host

Your host for Solid Gold Sock Hop is Ben Sandifer. A veteran of more than 30 years in the radio industry in Macon, Augusta, Thomasville, Georgia, and Tallahassee, Florida, Ben is also a music historian and owner of GMS Advertising & Productions, based in Macon, Georgia.  Documentaries, programs, commercials and public service announcements produced by Ben and GMS Productions have earned six Gabby awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.  GMS Advertising & Productions was named 2012 Small Business of the Year for specialized services, by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce and Macon Economic Development Commission. Ben was twice named “audio producer of the year” by the Central Georgia Advertising Federation. GMS produced audio content for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, from 1992-2011, and audio tracks on Georgia’s rich musical heritage still play in each of the state’s Visitor Information Centers.  Ben also produces and hosts a monthly podcast, The Greatest Memories, which includes music starting with the big band era, along with personal stories, solutions for seniors and more.

Ben is a graduate of Mercer University, a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant and a former board member for the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.  

Even if you do not answer a Trivia Challenge or make a request, Ben would love to hear from you by email at ben@solidgoldsockhop.com or the old-fashioned mail: GMS Productions, P.O. Box 7284, Macon, GA  31209.  And to protect your privacy, the Solid Gold Sock Hop will only use first names and cities, when referring to any correspondence we receive from our listeners.