About This Podcast

Solid Gold Sock Hop is a weekly radio show-podcast originating from Macon, Georgia. With a focus on the golden years of Top 40 Radio - the late 1950's through the mid 1970's - each week we include  rock 'n roll birthdays, trivia challenge, spotlight artist, news headlines, a themed top 4 countdown, rock 'n roll heaven, website of the week, concert calendar and more.  It's all about the music and related events for the specific week.

A new podcast will be posted each week by 9:00 Eastern Time on Monday morning.  Each podcast will be active for about 4 weeks. Each Monday morning we send out an email blast, post on Facebook and Twitter, when a new podcast is available. Please drop me an email at ben@solidgoldsockhop.com if you'd like to be included on this email reminder.  We will not share this list with any third party. Thanks for listening to the podcast and sharing it with your friends.